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GSoC Updates: Plugging in the grilo owncloud plugin

My GSoC Project has materialized quite a bit since the last blog post. In the previous blog post I discussed implementing a cache for persisting the query results from the owncloud grilo plugin. However, after some discussions with Felipe, we decided it’s better to proceed without the cache for now.

The application until recently supported only Tracker as a source for media collection to populate the various views. After adding the query method to the owncloud grilo plugin, “plugging” it in GNOME Music has been really convenient.

The screenshots below show how remote media integrates seamlessly in the UI Album Songs View Artist View Songs View

While the playback works smoothly, I have encountered issues in seeking the tracks which is because the ownCloud music app doesn’t support the Range Header. A fix for it is a WIP and the issue should hopefully be sorted out in the coming week. With the query operation implemented, all that remains is support for search, which would allow the users to search their owncloud music collection.


The last week has been uneventful to say the least, particularly because it crashed all my hopes of attending GUADEC this year :( Heads up for those who’re applying for a Schengen Visa (Germany in particular) - make sure the photograph in your Passport is of good quality and ‘according to Schengen specifications’. I hope you guys have a good one this year and hopefully I’ll get a chance to attend the conference in the coming years :)

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