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GSoC 2016 Introduction

Hi everyone! My name’s Gaurav Narula and I’m a third year undergrad student at BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus. I’m pursuing a double major in Economics and Computer Science.

I’ve been using GNOME since a long time - the first instance I recall is when I got a Live CD of Ubuntu 6.10 via ShipIt. GNOME’s evolved a lot since then and has still remained my go to DE over all these years. I started with GTK+ development rather recently, with some contributions to gnome-mpv, a GTK+ frontend for the MPV Media Player around October 2015.

A few months later, I stumbled upon GNOME Music while searching for a new music player and it soon became my default music player. I then decided to become more involved with the project. I dived into its source and tried to fix some small bugs around February with assistance from Felipe Borges, Victor Toso and Carlos Garnacho all along.

Coming to my project, GNOME Music currently only allows access to one’s local music collection. Over the past few years, GNOME apps have integrated well with ownCloud to sync and retrieve files stored remotely and Music shouldn’t be an exception to the same :) The goal of the project is to allow playing and searching ones music collection over ownCloud. ownCloud’s music app exposes an Ampache API which will be used to develop a Grilo Plugin to allow remote media discovery in Music. Victor’s work in GSoC 2013 would allow writing the plugin in LUA and will be of great help to quickly get things working. Recent changes in ownCloud’s music App with help from Moris Jobke have set the stage and I can’t wait to begin work!

I’m fortunate to have Felipe Borges (GNOME) and Lukas Reschke (ownCloud) as my mentors along with many other people from both the organisations who’ve helped me all along. Looking forward to an exciting summer ahead! Stay tuned for more updates :)

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